Service & Repair

Aerocharger Repairs

We build our turbos to the tightest of tolerances and double check all clearances so the end user gets the most efficient and reliable power available. We ensure that every aspect of out turbochargers is in the correct working order to achieve maximum performance before they leave our facility. While we go the extra mile before the turbo gets installed, there are still many real world scenarios that can cause damage. Over-boosting or foreign object damage can be catastrophic to any turbocharger. We have an in-house repair staff dedicated specifically to restoring damaged or used Aerochargers to their original peak performance.

Service Turnaround

Service and repairs require a week on average to complete. If your turbo is received on Monday, it will typically ship back by the end of the week. Repair time length can vary during the busy seasons - for questions regarding repairs and service, please contact us at 913.829.3400 Monday-Friday.

Warranty Information

All Aerocharger turbo repairs qualify for a 50% discount from retail repair pricing if originally purchased from Aerocharger as part of a complete kit package. The warranty discount is valid for up to 3 years from date of purchase.

Service Request Form

Please print and fill out the Service Request Form, and attach it to any products sent to Aerocharger for service.