Harley-Davidson FL 2017

Harley Kits


  • Unbelievable Torque

  • Self Contained Oil System

  • No Drive Belt

  • Twin Cooled Engine Compatible

  • Factory Heat Shield Compatible

  • Passenger Floorboard Compatible

  • Fuel Economy *

Price: $0000.00
Mock up turbo $500 (Non refundable, but will be deducted of turbo price once ordered)

The perfect upgrade for your Harley Davidson is an Aerocharger Turbo System the industry leader in TORQUE and THROTTLE RESPONSE These kits are made for the Road or the Race Track! Engineering Starts with the Proprietary Aerocharger that is engineered and manufactured in house. We do not start with an off the shelf, one size fits all tractor turbo. From the turbo every component is designed with Performance and Efficacy as the number one goal.


Having 22 years or experience Turbocharging Harley Davidsons and having Run Aerocharged Harleys at the Harley Davidson factory we have the torque you move forward at any speed.


Aerocharger Advantages

TORQUE! Variable Turbine placed in line with the engines natural exhaust flow.

Comfort! With the self-contained oiling system, the turbo can be place low and behind the rider to eliminate the heat from barbequing your leg and weight balance is more natural for a motorcycle.

Throttle response! The properly engineered Turbo and System provide seamless throttle response and achieves full boost without delay.

MPG! When cruising with your buddies to Sturgis you can have stock fuel economy and range.

Intercooled! Twin inlet oversized Bar and Plate intercooler core.



Industry Exclusive Aerocharger Technology

Variable Area Turbine Nozzles just like your high end exotic cars and advanced diesel trucks.

CNC Billet 6061 T6 high flow Air plenum including large volume, velocity stack, and forcing cone.

Stainless Turbine housing for thermal control

Large 4” Down Pipe/ Muffler for zero back pressure.

Industries largest and most effective intercooler to keep your air cooled or twin cooled motor cool.

Contact Aerocharger to speak with an engineer regarding appropriate sizing and settings for any custom Aerocharger applications, and visit the Aerocharger Overview page for useful maps and a compressor calculator to use when planning your build.

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