Harley-Davidson FL 2009-2016


  • Unbelievable Torque

  • Self Contained Oil System

  • No Drive Belt

  • Twin Cooled Engine Compatible

  • Factory Heat Shield Compatible

  • Passenger Floorboard Compatible

  • Fuel Economy *

Harley Kits

Starting at $5,000

Product Description:

Designed to turn heads at the bar, but engineered to be at home on the open road this turbo system will leave a permanent smile on your face. This kit fits all 2009 and newer Harley-Davidson FL motorcycles with an 88” motor all the way to the massive 143” motor. With basic hand tools the Aerocharger system can be installed in a few short hours. No engine modifications are required allowing for 91 octane fuel to be used. Both Black And chrome options are available.

We offer several kit choices including non-intercooled and intercooled using either a 53 series Aerocharger or a 66 series Aerocharger (additional price) for those who want extreme power. Maximum torque is produced in the 2,000 RPM range giving you the torque when needed. While maximum horsepower is produced around 4,500 RPM. For stock 103” motors the minimum torque produced is 150 ft. lbs. with 125 hp. Depending on engine size and internal parts the torque and horsepower could vary. For fuel controllers Aerocharger recommends the Power Commander V but the kit will work with Dobec, Thundermax, TTS, or any controller capable of reading positive manifold pressure.

Kit Components:

Starting with a 53 Series Aerocharger, CNC Billet Velocity Stack Airbox made of Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel Header, Billet Aluminum Blow Off Valve, Larger Injectors, Heavy Duty Clutch Spring, Stainless Steel Turbo Housing Heat Shield, Turbo Bracket, Throttle Body and Exhaust Gaskets, Pressure Hoses, Breather Hoses, Stainless Steel Muffler, Custom 5-Ply Silicone Charge Tube, Pleated Conical Air Filter, Foot Rest Spacers, Hardware, Installation Manual.

Exhaust Choices

 - Choose between our standard pipe or our shorty pipe.

Standard Pipe (4")

Available in black and chrome.




Shorty Pipe

Available in black and chrome.



Dummy Pipe - Call For Price

Brings back the look of a factory duel exhaust. Available in both black and chrome finish to match your kit.





Chrome Upgrade - $725.00





Intercooler Upgrade - $500.00

This package upgrades a non-intercooled Aerocharger H-D Turbo Kit with an Air/Air intercooler. Includes intercooler assembly, ram-air scoop, charge tubes, and all hardware necessary for the conversion.




A Fuel Controller will need to be selected to manage fuel delivery under boost. Note that fuel controllers which do not read Positive Manifold Pressure are not compatible with this system. All fuel controllers purchased from Aerocharger come with an upgraded Bosch 3-bar MAP sensor for improved performance and reliability. The following fuel controllers are available directly from Aerocharger:

Power Commander V Pt$449 With Kit: $380

Autotune with Power Commander V (single channel) $729 With Kit: $600

Autotune with Power Commander V (dual channel) $899 With Kit: $850

POD-300 Digital Tuner Display $250 With Kit: $200

POD-300 Handlebar Mount (Chrome) $110 With Kit: $80

POD-300 Handlebar Mount (Black) $90 With Kit: $60

Innovate Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Option- $199.00

High-quality innovate AFR gauge features a color display for easy reference. Includes bracket and handlebar mounts


Boost Gauge Option - $100.00

Aerocharger boost gauge allows you to monitor your boost level. Includes bracket and handlebar mounts