Ski-Doo 850 E-Tec


  • 66 Series Aerocharger

  • Tuned Airbox

  • Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Silicone Charge Tube

  • Snow to Air Intercooler Option

  • Stainless Heat Shield

  • Dome Filter

  • Fuel Controller

  • Complete Clutching on Non IC and A/S Kit

Snowmobile Kits

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Starting at $5,000.00


Performance Gains

BRP Racing dyno'd the Aerocharger E-TEC 850 system, and registered 240 hp at 7psi boost. The average Aerocharger is set at 7psi boost.



For best performance, Aerocharger recommends using a minimum of 100 octane fuel when running this system. Pump gas can be used with our pump gas upgrade.

This fuel guide lists recommended octane levels based on boost and altitude. This chart is for reference only - many factors affect safe octane such as air density, temperature, and tolerance specific to your motor. This chart is intended to suggest rough guidelines based on the most common operating environments.

Please click here for the Fuel Tuning Guide Download

Please click here for Fuel Tuning and Aerocommander Guide


Boost Levels

Max boost level is mechanically set by a pre-loaded spring inside the Aerocharger's integrated boost controller, and aftermarket boost controllers can also be used for additional boost control. See the Aerocharger page for additional information.

An Intercooler is recommended for E-TECs set at boost levels higher than 7psi. Exclusively for the Aerocharger E-TEC System, an innovative new Snow-to-Air Intercooler is available as an option for a consistently cooler air charge. Click the upgrade tab to read more about the Snow-to-Air Intercooler.

Big Bore/Compression Mods

The Aerocharger E-TEC System is compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression.

Reliability & Support

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn't require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger system should outlast the life of your sled. We will make sure you have the support you need - for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don't hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger's engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.



Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with moderate mechanical ability and common garage tools, but many Aerocharger customers prefer to have their turbo system installed at a dealership or performance shop. Dealers report preferring Aerocharger technology because Aerocharger systems are properly designed and either simplify or eliminate many fail-prone components, thereby requiring much less support and maintenance.

Contact Aerocharger for information about dealers in your area.