Ski-Doo 800 E-Tec


  • 66 Series Aerocharger

  • Tuned Airbox

  • Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Silicone Charge Tube

  • Snow to Air Intercooler Option

  • Stainless Heat Shield

  • Dome Filter

  • Fuel Controller

  • Boost & AFR Gauges

  • Complete Clutching on Non IC and A/S Kit

Snowmobile Kits

Starting at $5,000.00

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Aerocharger offers several E-TEC performance upgrades. These options were developed for our race team, and are frequently requested by advanced tuners and riders.


Air-to-Snow Intercooler - $800.00


Harness The Cold

Upgrades a non-intercooled 600/800 E-TEC system with an Aerocharger Air-to-Snow Intercooler. This performance upgrade rapidly cools the air charge from the turbo by directing water, snow and ice from the tunnel through the intercooler. This intercooler installs into the E-TEC tunnel, requiring moderate modification to the tunnel. Testing has established that this intercooler provides a more consistent heat-sink than traditional Air-Air ICs, and is significantly more engine-friendly than Air-to-Water setups. The air charge is being cooled as soon as the track is moving, without putting any additional load on the engine, coolant and electrical systems. This product is available in the Aerocharger Store.


Hybrid Snorkel Intake- $350.00

Performance Cold Air Intake

This innovative Hybrid Snorkel Intake for Aerocharged E-TECs improves system efficiency in extremely deep conditions. By allowing for multiple intake areas, this design improves on traditional snorkel setups by increasing air flow and reducing the risk of blockage.Click Here for more info. This product is available in the Aerocharger Store.




Snow Silks Snowmobile Vent Kits


Heat Dissipation

Reducing engine compartment heat is extremely important for best snowmobile performance, and these Snow Silk vents provide superior air flow compared to other leading brands. Snow Silk vents are resistant to tears, feature durable adhesive, and have water-repellant properties to keep the sled interior clean and dry. CAD modeled for perfect fitment to the Ski-Doo XP/XM compartment panels. Includes cutting templates for easy installation.

The Basic Kit covers all major sled panels. The Deluxe kit adds vents for every remaining panel on the sled.


Turbo Clutch Package - $450


Mountain Performance Clutching

An extensive turbo snowmobile clutch kit for mountain use on Ski-Doo 800 E-TECs. This setup is included in all new systems. Includes a dual-angle helix that can be set for racing performance or back-country conditions. Also comes with custom ramps, adjustable tungsten weights, primary spring, an alternate top gear, chain and oil, and Aerocharger’s recommended settings based on boost and altitude. This product is available in the Aerocharger Store.

XP to XM Upgrade Package - $250.00

Model Upgrade

This package contains all components required to adapt an Aerocharger XP kit for use on a Ski-Doo XM. Includes updated boost gauge, XM DES switch and gauge brackets, basic vent kit, left and right side panel supports, headlight support bracket, and all necessary rivets and hardware.


Turbine Porting (Inquire for pricing)

Performance Upgrade

Ported turbines offer increased turbo efficiency and better throttle response. Allow 2-4 weeks to complete.