HiPerformance, LLC manufactures a Turboexpander (TBX) which is designed to be used in Cryogenic Equipment. The Turboexpander is an energy removal device which furnishes all refrigeration for the production of liquid oxygen and nitrogen. The Turboexpander housing is made of cast stainless steel and encloses a turbine wheel, nozzle ring (which directs the airflow against the turbine wheel), a compressor wheel which is coupled to the turbine by a shaft, ball bearings for the shaft, a tachometer sensor for speed indication and a passive wick lubricated oil system. Located between the turbine wheel and compressor wheel is an insulating plate which prevents the portion of the Turboexpander outside the coldbox from becoming excessively cold, and which also prevents excessive heat leak into the cold, expansion area. Due to the cantilevered shaft design, the bearings remain outside the cold area at essentially ambient temperature and no mechanical seals or active buffer gas seal system is required.

HiPerformance, LLC manufactures the plug assembly below: P/N: 791220 790150 NSN: 3655-01-372-8295


The plug assembly above is part of the cryogenic unit below:

Manufacturer: Pacific Consolidated Ind. Model: ASU 1.56000- - 540 RPSA P/N: 790380-001 Rated Capacity: 125 lb/hr LOX @ 5-9 psig 125 lb/hr LIN @ 5-30 1500 SCFH GO2 @ 0-3500 1725 SCFH GN2 @ 0-3500 Process Press.: 150 psig Inst Air Press: Low 25 psig, High 150 psig Compressor: Ingersoll-Rand

The plants are designed for the production of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen at 99.5% purity. In addition, the 1.5 to 2 tons per day plants can produce gaseous oxygen and gaseous nitrogen up to 3500 PSIG. The process uses atmospheric air as feed stock. The process first purifies the air then liquefies it for the cryogenic distillation process. The design of the plants is a result of an extensive study to produce an air transportable oxygen/nitrogen generating system. The plants are self-contained and only electric power is required for operation. The units come complete with charging manifolds.


The 1.5 to 2 tons per day plant produces both liquid ad gaseous oxygen and nitrogen. It features Rapid Pressure Swing Absorbers (RPSA) for biological and chemical warfare (BC) protection, a climate controlled operator’s enclosure, an oxygen and nitrogen high-pressure gaseous product pump, a cylinder evacuation vacuum pump, as well as oxygen and nitrogen cylinder charging manifolds. The unit also includes an optional feature, the availability for procuring 99.5% high-purity N2 and O2 at a production rate of 1.25 tons per day.

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