Harley-Davidson FL 2002-2017 & Tri-Glide


  • Unbelievable Torque

  • Self Contained Oil System

  • No Drive Belt

  • Twin Cooled Engine Compatible

  • Factory Heat Shield Compatible

  • Passenger Floorboard Compatible

  • Fuel Economy *

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Starting at $5,000

Frequently asked questions

Are Aerochargers more difficult to tune than a conventional turbo?

Tuning an Aerocharger is no different than tuning a conventional turbo, the boost just comes in much faster.

Does the “self-lubrication” aspect of the Aerocharger mean that frequent maintenance is required?

Absolutely not. The Aerocharger’s bearings are misted with oil, not flooded. This mean that not only are they the most responsive turbos available, they require far less oil to operate. By doing so, the oil only needs to be serviced annually - simply check and top off the oil once year. For the specific operating oil level in your Aerocharger, please call 913.829.3400

How is boost controlled on the Aerocharger?

The vane actuator or “boost controller” manages both the peak boost level of your Aerocharger and how the vanes react. Within the controller is a spring, which ultimately sets your peak boost level. Different springs are available for different boost levels and shims can be used to fine tune boost in .5psi increments.

Does the Aerocharger need a wastegate?

No wastegate is required with the Aerocharger. The exhaust gases are controlled by the angle of the vanes. This not only allows for the most ideal turbine geometry at any RPM, but also ensures that no exhaust energy is wasted. Due to the fact that 100% of the exhaust gas is used, the Aerocharger is the only turbocharger that does not require a wastegate.

Does the Aerocharger require a turbo timer?

No turbo timer is required with the Aerocharger. Since the Aerocharger does not use hot engine oil, hot shutdowns are not an issue. The drag on the bearings is so little that the Aerocharger will slowly spool down on its own when the engine is shut off. Conventional turbos suffer drag from engine oil heat and are stopped almost abruptly after the engine is shut off due to flooded bearing design. This is very damaging over time, and this is exactly why the Aerocharger does not use the engine as an oil source.

What services are available for shipping?

Aerocharger can only ship via UPS. Contact us for a quote for international deliveries.

Are Aerochargers more or less reliable than any other conventional turbocharger?

Every turbocharger has its limitations. If you choose an Aerocharger that is properly sized for your applications and keep it within its limitations it will typically outlast the engine.