Advanced Performance

The Aerocharger is an advanced variable-vane turbo, and is superior to conventional turbocharger technology for many different applications. The Aerocharger is available in two sizes: the 53-Series and the 66-Series.


Aerochargers At A Glance


Variable Vane

An Aerocharger uses 100% of exhaust gases, eliminating energy sapping wastegates and spark arrestors. The result is faster, more efficient boost. Similar technology is now used on luxury cars and modern diesel trucks.


D5S NiResist Alloy

The Aerocharger's turbine housing is constructed from an exotic D5S NiResist alloy. This premium aircraft-grade metal contains up to 38% nickel, and has advanced corrosion-resisting properties superior to stainless steel.


Ceramic Ball Bearings

The most modern bearing technology available. The Aerocharger's ball bearings exceeded a 30,000 hour full-boost test by the US Military.



The Aerocharger has industry-exclusive self-lubrication. This reduces weight and complexity while eliminating fail-prone parts from the turbo system. Read more about this uniquely specialized system.


Advanced Turbine Balancing

Aerocharger turbines are balanced to tolerances up to ten times more precise than standard turbos. This exactitude ensures performance that exceeds the competition.


Integrated Boost Controller

The integrated boost controller sets both the boost amount and boost response. The Aerocharger is the only turbocharger in the world that allows boost response to be mechanically adjusted.



The Aerocharger has a very soft surge, which means that turbo flutter is mild and it is capable of quickly recovering. However it is still best to understand what surge is and how it affects power delivery.

Surge is most commonly experienced when one of two situations exist. The first and most damaging is surge underload. This can be an indication that your compressor is too large for your application. Surge is also commonly experienced when the throttle is quickly closed after boosting. This occurs because mass flow is drastically reduced as the throttle is closed, but the turbo is still spinning and generating boost. This immediately drives the operating point to the far left of the compressor map, right into the surge line. The surge line is left hand boundary of the compressor maps below. Operating to the left of this line represents a region of flow instability. On a conventional turbocharger this region is characterized by mild flutter to wildly fluctuating boost and “barking” from the compressor.

Surge will dissipate once the turbo speed finally slows enough to reduce the boost and move the operating point back into the stable region. Aerocharger surge is hardly noticeable, where as conventional turbo surge is hard. A hard surge is very noticeable along with a sudden flutter of power. This is less than desirable and potentially disastrous. One example would be on a motorcycle when trying to roll into the throttle for a fast exit out of a hard turn.



Variable-vanes create optimum geometry for exhaust flows at any given RPM. This is done by changing the angle of the vanes within the turbine housing. The Aerocharger provides a unique adjustment which gives the user ability to adjust when the vanes move and how boost reacts to the engine. By closing the vanes boost is allowed to build quicker and maximum boost is made lower in the power band. Opening the vanes slows boost and raises the power band for more power up top

Aerocharger Mock-Up Turbos

We have mock-up turbochargers available for fabricating your custom turbo system and dialing in your Aerocharger's orientation. This is a critical step in any custom Aerocharger turbo systems as a finished Aerocharger cannot be reoriented without the proper precision equipment. These mock-up turbos have no internal parts and can be adjusted in any way necessary, even the controller location. Once your turbo system is complete and you have your mock-up turbo finalized, you may return it to us and we will build your Aerocharger to those specifications. Use the provided charts and calculator to configure your Aerocharger and determine which is best for your application. To purchase a mock-up Aerocharger please call 913.829.3400