Ski-Doo 800 E-Tec


  • 66 Series Aerocharger

  • Tuned Airbox

  • Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Silicone Charge Tube

  • Snow to Air Intercooler Option

  • Stainless Heat Shield

  • Dome Filter

  • Fuel Controller

  • Boost & AFR Gauges

  • Complete Clutching on Non IC and A/S Kit

Snowmobile Kits

Starting at $5,000.00

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Aerocharger co-developed the Ski-Doo E-TEC turbo system with BRP Racing starting in 2009 for RMSHA, and the Aerocharger was the first working kit available at the E-TECs release in 2011. BRP Racing dyno'd the Aerocharger system and registered 240hp at only 7psi, and this system can be set to produce a range of 200-300hp. The Aerocharger is a substantial innovation over conventional turbocharger technology, making it ideal for use with Rotax 2-stroke engines. The Aerocharger E-TEC system was built to prioritize horsepower-generating efficiency, and this equals an ultra-responsive, rideable system that excels at high altitude and on technical terrain.


  • Performance Gains: BRP Racing BRP Racing dyno'd the Aerocharger E-TEC 800 system, and registered 240 hp at 7psi boost.


  • Fuel Recommendations: Aerocharger recommends using a minimum of 100 octane fuel when running this system. Pump gas is not recommended, and should absolutely not be used under 7000 foot elevation.


  • Air-to-Snow Intercooler: This optional performance upgrade rapidly cools the air charge from the turbo by directing water, snow and ice from the tunnel through the Intercooler.


  • Big Bore/Compression Modifications: The Aerocharger Kit is compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression.


  • Clutching: An extensive custom clutch setup is included with the Non Intercooled System and Air to Snow System. This includes custom ramps, weights, gearing, and a very cool custom helix with improved angles for turbocharged operation.


  • Sled Vents: Includeds turbo side and clutch side Snow Silk vent kits in the Non Intercooled System and Air to Snow System.


  • VATN Technology: Aerocharger's powerful Variable Area Turbine Nozzle system continuously optimizes turbine size.


  • Independent Oil Supply: Aerocharger lubricates from a self-contained oil source. Aerocharger systems install cleanly and reliably with no oil pumps and lines, and hot shutdown problems are avoided. This is a waste-oil system, meaning the oil does not need to be changed.


  • Non-flooded Bearings: An innovative oil misting system allows for drag-free bearing performance and ultra-fast spooling, resulting in substantial efficiency over typical saturated bearing systems.



The Aerocharger E-TEC system is completely comprehensive, and was designed for easy installation with little modification from stock. The E-TEC system fits cleanly under stock paneling for a stealthy look that doesn't block views or limit use of other features. Aerocharger systems are designed so they can be installed at home by a rider with moderate mechanical ability and common garage tools, but many Aerocharger customers prefer to have their turbo system installed at a dealership or performance shop.


Product Support:

Aerocharger has a well-tested, strong-running and reliable turbo system. The Aerocharger doesn't require any more care or maintenance than any other turbocharger, and when properly installed your Aerocharger should outlast the life of your sled. We will make sure you have the support you need - for any questions, troubleshooting or maintenance, don't hesitate to directly contact Aerocharger's engineers or your nearest Aerocharger dealer.